Data Download

The LASI-DAD Wave 1 Version A.2 data is available on the Gateway to Global Aging Data website. The file contains all phases of data.

The LASI-DAD GSA data is now available for download on NIAGADS. In 2018, 960 respondents from LASI-DAD who consented to the blood sample collection have been genotyped using Illumina Infinium genotyping platforms. The datasets include the original genotype assayed by the genotyping platforms, imputed data to the 1000G reference panel, as well as imputed data to the TOPMed reference panel. Please create an account with NIAGADS and submit an application to access the data.

Please cite all information retrieved from the Gateway as follows:
Jinkook Lee, A.B. Dey, Pranali Khobragade, Joyita Banerjee, Albert Weerman, Sandy Chien, Peifeng Hu, Eileen Crimmins, Marco Angrisani, David Bloom, P. Arokiasamy, Kenneth Langa, Mathew Varghese (2019). Harmonized Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia for the Longitudinal Aging Study in India (LASI-DAD) Wave 1 Version A Data, doi:10.25549/h5wx-ay45. Produced and distributed by the University of Southern California with funding from the National Institute on Aging (R01AG051125, RF1AG055273, U01AG065958).

Data access instructions

Follow the information provided on the Gateway to Global Aging Data website.
Please contact us at if you have any questions.