Project Meetings and Workshops
February 2018LASI-DAD Project MeetingNew Delhi, India
May 2019Workshop on Diagnostic Assessment of Dementia for the Longitudinal Aging Study in India: Early FindingsBethesda, Maryland
February 2020Introduction to LASI-DAD WebinarVirtual
March 2020LASI-DAD Project MeetingLos Angeles, CA
July 2020LASI-DAD Project MeetingVirtual
May 2021LASI-DAD Project MeetingVirtual
December 2021LASI-DAD Advisory MeetingVirtual
July 2022LASI-DAD Advisory MeetingSan Diego, CA
October 2022LASI-DAD Project MeetingNew Delhi, India
April 2023Introduction to the Harmonized LASI Data Family (including LASI, LASI-DAD, and RTI-COVID India)Virtual
July 2023LASI-DAD Project MeetingAmsterdam, Netherlands